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Smith County Watermelons

Mize Attendance Center 2009


The Town of Mize is served by the Smith County School District. At right is a picture of Mize Attendance Center, after completion of repair and renovation. On April 6th, 2005, an F-3 tornado struck Mize High School, a pillar of the Mize community. The school's second floor was ripped off by sheer force of wind and the entire structure was severely damaged.

Mize Attendance CenterMize Attendance Center is a part of the Smith County School District. The school teaches grades K-12, with an enrollment of 812. Mize offers an excellent academic preparatory curriculum with a state accreditation Level 5 Exemplary. The adequate yearly progress was met and the US History class had the highest achievement scores in the state.

Mize will be offering some courses through the Digital Distance Learning System and Jones County Junior College which will enable students to  earn college credits during their senior year of high school. Vocational Technical Education is available, plus ACT online courses.

Mize offers a quality academic program at all levels. Mize Elementary School scored above the Mississippi mean in all areas of the MCT for grades 2 – 7.

Mean Scores for 2003 – 2004 Subject Area Tests
Subject Mize
Algebra I 357.6
U.S. History 416
Biology I 330.4
English II MC 339.9

Mize offers the following athletics for students: 

  • football
  • baseball
  • boys/girls basketball
  • cheerleading
  • softball
  • fast pitch
  • track
  • cross country
  • weight team.

    Mize has won many state championships in sports, including Football 2000 & 2004, Baseball 2003, Cheerleading 2002 & 2003.

    Mize High School 1948-49History note:  The opening of the session 1948-49 Mize High School began in the new building September 13, 1948. Dedicated to the building of character, the study of language, natural science. history, fine arts and useful arts, the building holds attention with the simplicity and dignity of its modernistic design, and its sun-hued walls please the eye and blend harmoniously with the surroundings. A long driveway curves in a wide arc through a generous lawn and before the door. Visitors are always welcome. Pupils who enter will find a fine spirit in this place established for the pursuit of knowledge.

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